Bazénová chemie | Výroba a prodej chemikálií

In 2012, Proxim s.r.o., a purely Czech limited liability company manufacturing and distributing chemicals for garden, household and industrial use, celebrated 20 years on the market. Proxim s.r.o. belongs among traditional firms that lay emphasis on reliability, quality and business partnership. Every year, PROXIM s.r.o. introduces many new products along with innovations and improvements to its systems, packaging, as well as to its overall offer.

In addition, PROXIM s.r.o. operates a customer web portal dedicated to water care and treatment, which is regularly updated. The company is also constantly working on improving communication with its customers and the market by means of Facebook, promotion campaigns, expert workshops, and other events.

Company objectives

Our objective is to improve our market position and perception, as well as to get closer to Czech customers whom we consider crucial. We wish to advance from our current position of a reliable manufacturer and seller of quality pool chemicals and to be perceived by the general public as a much sought-after expert and advisor on the proper treatment of pool and pond water, as well as a supplier of high-quality and affordable products.

Company Vision

To become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemical and bioenzymatic products in the Czech Republic and, as we continue to grow, to consistently follow all fundamental principles.




Below are the management principles that help us make the right decisions and achieve our goals:

  • To purchase premium quality raw materials that meet the requirements of our products and our customers;
  • To create an excellent work environment and to motivate our employees to higher performance;
  • To continuously build long-term relationships with our retail and wholesale customers;
  • To keep in mind that earnings are the key to our future success;
  • To strategically manage and guide the company in line with our plans and marketing objectives.

We believe that our company will achieve the above goals and that we will further strengthen and improve our position on the market of pool chemicals, chemical and bioenzymatic products.